Wollongong Carpet Cleaning is your carpet cleaning experts. Call 0414 633 155 for your local carpet & steam cleaning professionals.  Serving the Illawarra and Wollongong regions for over 15 years.

Steam cleaning your furniture. If you need your furniture cleaned Wollongong Carpet Cleaning steam clean lounges, sofas, dining chairs, settees and pretty much any furniture you have that has a fabric surface. We can even do fabric protection to stop future stain concerns.

Wollongong Carpet Cleaning always provides

  • Fast Drying Clean Carpets
  • Fresh Clean Lounges
  • Fresh Spotless Rugs
  • End of Lease Discounts
  • Pensioner Discounts
  • Student Discounts

Steam Cleaning

We do, and only recommend steam cleaning to effectively clean carpets.

More information about Steam Cleaning

Lounge Cleaning

Wollongong Carpet Cleaning's lounge cleaning service covers all types of fabrics.

More information about Lounge Cleaning

Dining Chairs and Rugs

Wollongong Carpet Cleaning can steam clean all your dining chairs and rugs. Using our steam cleaning methods we can restore that new look to your neglected rugs and dining chairs.

More information about Dining Chairs and Rugs

Flood and Water Damage

Wollongong Carpet Cleaning is on call 24/7 ensuring that water restoration can begin immediately to minimise the impact on your home or business.

More information about Flood and Water Damage

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